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This site includes a number of custom features, including scrolling animation, product configurators, and a rep finder page.


Branding, Website Design and Renderings by:

lowercase design

San Juan, Puerto Rico + Philadelphia, PA

project OVERVIEW

We collaborated with to bring this vision to reality. We received design files, and also adapted their design to function across tablet and mobile devices. The homepage includes a scrolling animation inspired by Apple product pages, and the individual product pages each feature a custom product configurator, downloads and multiple product carousels.


We crafted a scrolling animation section inspired by Apple product pages. As the user scrolls down the page, they are immersed in a fullscreen product demo that advances or rewinds as you scroll. The client also wanted the navigation bar to melt away so the user is fully immersed.


We built an interactive product customizer for each of the individual product pages. This allows the user to pick their custom combination of wood finish and wool accent color. This was built on the html canvas api.

popup FORMS

We built all the forms into popup modal windows. This allows the forms to stay out of sight, but easily trigger based on a button click, or by adding a parameter to the end of the URL. This allows the popups to be triggered automatically for specific marketing cases.


We integrated with Storepoint to provide a product finder map which is automatically populated by a Google Spreadsheet. This allows the client to easily add locations to the map at any time. The map features custom branding, search capabilities and a grid of contact information which updates based on the current map location.


Working with The Grenwoods has been a dream. Paul is a good listener with a large bag of tricks for creating engaging online experiences. His sites are also fast both in speed and turnaround. Over the last four years I’ve worked with Paul to build and deploy full websites for three architectural product manufactures where user experience is paramount. All of them launched on time and within budget. Since these launches, Paul has been running support on them ever since, making updates as needed. I am so glad The Grenwoods entered the picture!

J Glen PrattMarketing DirectorLUXTECH