MineraLogic Website



This is a relatively simple site, but features some subtle scrolling animations and an easy-to-manage Team section. We developed this website in WordPress using Divi, our visual editor of choice.


Branding, Website Design and Account Management by:

Šek Design Studio

Duluth, Minnesota

project OVERVIEW

We collaborated with Šek Design Studio to build this website. We received design files for each page, and translated their vision into a fully functioning website.

The team section is easily managed from the WordPress admin area, while the rest of the site content is editable in the Divi visual editor.

team GRID

We built an easy to manage grid of team members, featuring custom hover styling, photo, bio, position, LinkedIn profile, and navigation to the other team member profiles.


We included some subtle scroll-based animations to make the site feel more engaging.


I’ve worked with Paul and Maria Grenwood over the past 3 1/2 years and we partnered to build a handful of websites during that time. These sites ranged from smaller 5 page websites to much larger, more complex, sites that had needs for systems integrations and custom functionality.

No matter the size, the Grenwoods consistently communicated effectively and proactively brought forward impactful improvement ideas. Their work continually focuses on the goals of the business all while providing an efficient user experience.

I can’t speak of them highly enough and strongly recommend them for your next website build.

Stephanie PetersonCreative Operations DirectorŠek Design